Install a theme

Installation Plan

If you don’t want to install the theme from yourself, you can purchase an installation service, and our team will install the theme in your Zendesk account with your brand colors and images.

How to install
  • Download the theme files (ZIP file) from the website.
  • Login as admin into your Zendesk Help Center
  • Click on “Guide admin” link (appearing on the top right side)

  • Click on “Customize design” option

  • Click on “Add theme” button

  • When you’ll click on “Add theme” option, you can see the “Import theme” option

  • Attach your downloaded Zendesk theme (zip file)
  • The theme will be activated in your Zendesk account. You can set it for your Live Help Center.

Theme sidebar options and features:

The theme comes packed with features that control the colors and various functionality options. This section will document those features and how to use them successfully.
Here you can change:
  • Logo and Favicon option in “Brand” section

In Hero unit section:

  • Hide/Show banner image
  • Header/Banner background-color
  • Hero title
  • Search placeholder text

You can update your brand colors as per your need in “Colors” section

Update your font-family in “Fonts” option

Homepage community button background image in Images section

In “Home page elemets” section

  • Hide/Show Promoted articles
  • Hide/Show Recently viewed article
  • Hide/Show Recent activity
  • Categories icon background-color

After the update, all points click on “Save” button.

Hurray !! you have installed the theme. Please share your feedback about our Zendesk theme.

If face any issue feel free to contact us for any questions or help.